Wednesday, 18 of October of 2017

Epic Strength Gains After Only 3 Weeks Then 8

I took the Mesobolin for an 8 week cycle and my weight went up from 190 to 208. While I understand the bulk of that was fat and water weight, at least a couple lbs. of that was muscle, because my strength shot through the roof. I didn’t have conventional weights to lift at the time so I improvised on all my lifts, but when I started I struggled to one arm overhead press 40 for 5-7 reps, but that’s after 4 years without lifting anything (drug addiction). The video is only 3 weeks into training with the mass stack and I maxed 70 lbs. on the single arm overhead press with each arm (slightly sloppy form). And then although not in the video, I did 28 reps with the right arm and 26 with the left with the same 40 lb. weight that was a struggle on day 1. To get an idea of my progress from the whole 8 weeks my bench went from to 175 to 215 (almost hit 2 plates), deadlift went from 315 to 390, and squat went from 280 to 340. I can attest to the fact that this stuff really works:

results with the best legal steroid alternatives after 8 weeks

How I improvised with my lifting:

when you wanna lift but are broke this is what you come up with.